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How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Message Speed?

These days, sharing information and engaging in social activities online are pretty popular.

As a result, everyone makes an effort to connect via virtual networks. Even in business and education, one of these online programs, WhatsApp, is used.

This application offers a wide variety of functions that users can use.

As you know, in these programs to send a message, you should type something, but when you are always busy with work or occupied with the things that make up your daily life, it can be challenging to answer WhatsApp messages promptly.

It can be argued that this is the case. So, what can you do?!

Yes, we have a solution for you, and it’s called the voice messaging feature in WhatsApp. One of the app’s many fascinating features is the ability to send audio messages.

The feature allows you to send a message without writing it down, type it, set the keypad down, converse, and still send the message.

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However, even though this solution is beneficial, there is a drawback, you are listening to a voice note that a friend sent to you, and as you do so, you notice that the person speaking in the recording is speaking in a unique manner and at a very high speed.

Although you cannot pinpoint the problem, you know something is not quite right.

So, what causes this issue? How to fix WhatsApp voice message speed?

Do not worry. We will guide you and give you the methods to fix this problem quickly.

How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Message Speed?

The practical method to fix WhatsApp voice message speed

At first, before starting with the plans, a question comes to mind: What causes the WhatsApp voice message speed problem?

Occasionally introducing a feature to make the user more comfortable might result in issues.

Imagine getting a lengthy message that lasts several minutes and being able to instantly listen to it or discover a particular section of it.

Because you are unaware of this function, do not know how to switch it on or off, and cannot activate it even when you have your finger on the button, the pace at which your voice is sent is unacceptable.

How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Message Speed?

How to fix WhatsApp voice message speed? (+ 5 easy steps)

· Step one: Launching the WhatsApp app is the first thing you should do after locating it on your device.

Step two: Perform the playback of the audio message in the second stage.

· Step three: In the third stage, you will end the message and notice that it appears at the bottom of the progress bar for 1x, 1.5x, or 2x audio notes. This is the tempo at which the note instrument is performed.

· Step four: In the fourth stage, touch 1.5x or 2x until it reaches 1x. At this point, the audio note will play at the standard speed, and you will be able to hear clearly.

· Step five: It would be best if you were congratulated since the issue has been resolved, and you now have a charming new function that you can use to go around or discover certain portions of a lengthy voice memo.


As was said before, in this day and age, many forms of social media significantly impact individuals’ lives in all circumstances.

They talk to one another via applications like WhatsApp and other similar programs.

This program has more capabilities than most users realize, and they utilize them. One of them is the WhatsApp voice messaging function, an exciting feature that may assist users in avoiding having to type messages in this hectic life.

Nevertheless, there are occasions when this feature is plagued by issues, such as the pace at which WhatsApp voice messages are sent.

In the “how to fix WhatsApp voice message speed?” post, we discuss this issue and provide potential solutions to the problem that we’ve identified.

We have high hopes that this information will be helpful to you and that it will enable you to fix the WhatsApp voice message speed issue you’ve been experiencing.

We would love for you to get in touch with us via the comment area if you have any questions or suggestions, and we would also appreciate it if you would share any experiences you may have had with the WhatsApp voice message speed problem.


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