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How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is now the most widely used messaging platform all over the globe. Every day, users all around the globe send and receive more than 100 billion messages using WhatsApp.

Marketers believe it to be one of the most extraordinary channels for marketing communications because it has an extensive reach and open rate and provides handy solutions.

Because of how helpful this web application is in developing communication, there are occasions when it is vital to be able to transmit high-level communications via it.

Because of this, in the following paragraphs, we will explain how to send bulk messages on WhatsApp and how to send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp, and why it is a good idea to use this tool in your marketing plan.

In the first step, it is better to have a look at the definition of bulk messages on WhatsApp:

How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp?

Bulk messages on WhatsApp (full definition)

Companies that want to connect swiftly with their consumers can save time by sending bulk messages on WhatsApp rather than typing each message by hand.

This is an ideal approach for businesses to communicate with their customers.

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In most cases, the bulk messages act this way:

·         Clients can be informed about planned events.

·         A new product is about to be presented.

·         Customers can be notified when stores are opening or closing.

·         Offer promotional discounts and distribute coupons to both new and current clients.

·         Provide individualized notifications on items that have been available again.

·         Improve things like brand awareness.

One benefit of this feature is that Bulk messages on WhatsApp save your time and resources.

WhatsApp allows you to compile a list of contacts ahead of time, which you can then use to send messages in bulk.

This function is used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide to quickly and effectively market their goods and services.

It is essential to point out that the bulk message on WhatsApp included in the WhatsApp Business program is not directly suggested for usage.

This is because the platform does not permit sending spam messages, and if you use the bulk message function on WhatsApp, you risk having your account canceled and your phone number blocked.

With this data, we understand the bulk message on WhatsApp entirely, and now it is our turn to learn how to send bulk messages on WhatsApp.

How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp?

How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp & WhatsApp business?

The WhatsApp Business App and the WhatsApp API both send bulk messages on WhatsApp to many recipients.

In most cases, the WhatsApp Business App is sufficient for micro and small enterprises to meet their needs.

It does not need additional software to transmit broadcasts; it is free and relatively simple.

(+ 5) easy & practical steps to create a bulk message on WhatsApp

1.      Launch the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business application.

2.      Navigate to the Chat screen, click the Menu button, and choose New List.

3.      You may manually type the names of the persons you want to send the message to, or you can use the plus button to choose them from your contact list immediately.

4.      Select the OK button.

5.      Click the Create button.

However, because the WhatsApp Business app can only send bulk messages to 256 contacts at a time, other solutions can be considered for use by medium or significant businesses.

The WhatsApp API is your best option whether you are a small, medium, or large business that wants to deliver a bulk message on WhatsApp.


As you pointed out, it should come as no surprise that WhatsApp is one of the most widely utilized and well-liked messaging programs in use all over the globe.

When it comes to using this software in industry and company to set up communication, the essential use case is sending bulk messages on WhatsApp to boost the productivity of businesses.

In the “how to send bulk messages on WhatsApp” post, we discussed the advantages of sending messages in bulk, and we hope you found the information helpful.

Now that we’ve presented you with this WhatsApp feature, we’d like your feedback on sending bulk messages.


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