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Top Features Expected on WhatsApp 2023

WhatsApp is a widely used mobile messaging app that enables its users to communicate through text, voice messages, and video calls.

Established in 2009, it has grown to become one of the most preferred messaging apps globally, with over 2 billion active users.

In addition to its fundamental messaging features, WhatsApp has several other helpful qualities for users.

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As a result of its user-friendly interface, security features, and broad range of parts, WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool for many individuals, both for personal and professional purposes.

We will evaluate the top 5 features expected on WhatsApp 2023 in this article. This can be so beneficial if you are using WhatsApp every day. So, stay with us!

Top Features Expected on WhatsApp 2023

+ 5 top & practical features that can be used on WhatsApp in 2023

1.    Connect Via Proxy

One of the most notable features of WhatsApp we expect to see in 2023 is the ability to use a proxy in WhatsApp.

In some countries where internet connection has been restricted, people must use a proxy to use filtered apps such as WhatsApp.

Therefore, Meta has decided to make the ability to use proxy directly on the app, and this feature can help them to use this app freely.

2.    Transfer data between Android & iOS Devices

To transfer your WhatsApp data between an Android and iOS device, you must use third-party software or services designed for that purpose.

Some of these services can be found online or through app stores, but it is essential to be cautious and ensure the service is trustworthy and secure before using it to transfer your data.

Transferring data between Android and iOS is WhatsApp’s other top and practical feature. Secures users’ data and provides moving without any third-party application.

3.    Recognize text from pictures.

Recognizing text from images is a feature that is becoming increasingly important as more and more people rely on their smartphones to capture and store information.

While WhatsApp currently does not have a native feature to recognize text from images, it is possible that such a feature could be added in 2023.

Suppose the top and most helpful feature on WhatsApp is added. In that case, it will allow users to extract text from images and use it in various ways, such as copying and pasting text, sharing it with others, or even translating it into different languages.

This would be especially useful for business users who need to extract information from images, such as business cards, documents, or presentations.

It could also be a valuable tool for students who need to extract information from textbooks or lecture slides.

4.    Recovering deleted messages

In WhatsApp, the messages can only be recovered if backed up before deletion. In other words, if a user has enabled the backup feature and backed up their statements, they can recover deleted messages by restoring their chat history from the backup.

However, if a user has not enabled backups or if the backup does not include the deleted messages, it is impossible to recover them.

It is possible that in 2023, Meta will develop more advanced tools for recovering deleted messages in WhatsApp, such as a “recycle bin” feature that would allow users to recover deleted messages within a specific timeframe. So, this is the other helpful and top feature on WhatsApp.

Top Features Expected on WhatsApp 2023

5.    On iOS, picture-in-picture mode is available for video conversations

Both Android and iOS customers can use WhatsApp. However, a function may be made accessible to Android first, followed by iOS, and vice versa.

Picture-in-Picture video conversations are already available for Android users, and iOS users should get them shortly.

Here we point to the top and prevalent feature on WhatsApp: users can multitask or use other apps on a WhatsApp call thanks to the PIP function.

The Last Word

In addition to current abilities, some possible features expected to be added in 2023 on WhatsApp include improved security and privacy features, more advanced messaging tools such as the ability to use a proxy and increased integration with other apps and operating systems.

Additionally, with the ongoing trend of remote work and video conferencing, WhatsApp may focus on improving its video and voice calling features.

In this article, we just explored the top 5 features expected on WhatsApp 2023; it is up to WhatsApp to decide which new features to develop based on their priorities and the needs of their users.

What is your idea about the features that are expected to add on WhatsApp?

Please share them with us.


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