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ChatGPT telegram bot (All Tips Every User Should Know)

The idea of interacting with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) has always been the main subject for plenty of science fiction movies, but would you like to do that if you ever get to?

Happily, this is no longer a dream; using the ChatGPT telegram bot makes you capable of having AI assistance, just like Fryday for Tony Stark.

Prepare your questions and requests; ChatGPT always be responsive most logically and tries to help you through any condition.

Today we will take you on a journey of the ChatGPT telegram bot, so get ready!

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What can ChatGPT assist you with?

The ChatGPT telegram bot can help you with a vast range of activities; for instance, Code elaboration and development, image generation, general assistance, and so on.

You do not need to know any coding to create a game, all you need to do is to write your idea of a game, and ChatGPT will produce it for you within a minute!

If you are a programmer, you have gone through lots of code confusion and are faced with complex, time-consuming, long projects. Haven’t you ever wished for an easier way?

ChatGPT is a free service made by a complicated algorithm named “Large Language Model” that can help you do your homework and research or even do it for you!

It can also discuss with you related to history and philosophy, plus write your poetries, the way you feel like there is an actual human you are chatting with.

It is possible to communicate in your language, but to be frank, talking in English with ChatGPT works best.

ChatGPT telegram bot (All Tips Every User Should Know)

How to Access the ChatGPT?

Concerning the complexity of using ChatGPT might be a reason pushing you back from using it; lucky you, it is not that hard!

To earn the skill of accessing the ChatGPT or GPT-4, follow this section:

·        Method 1: Create an Account on OpenAI

In this method, you can create an account on the OpenAI website to log in and access ChatGPT.

But to do so, you need to follow the below steps carefully:

·        Step 1: Search for “OpenAI” in your browser and enter the website.

·        Step 2: Find and tap on “Try ChatGPT.”

·        Step 3: Confirm your identity as human by checking “I am not a Robot.”

·        Step 4: As it’s your first time, click “sign up.”

·        Step 5: In this step, you must enter a verifiable email and password.

·        Step 6: Check your mailbox and verify your email address.

·        Step 7: Now, you must enter your name and date of birth.

·        Step 8: write your phone number and verify it.

·        Step 9: Set your target by using OpenAI.

·        Step 10: Tap on “New Chat” and explore ChatGPT.

By costing 20 dollars per month, you can use the premium account of this service fully and without any limitations.

This is the most common way to use ChatGPT; note that in some countries, you cannot use it due to the inability of its service.

OpenAI services are not able in your country!

If OpenAI services are not able in your country, that doesn’t mean you cannot use ChatGPT.

In case of your country is currently out of this service, you should have noticed that by entering your phone number, but don’t worry, you need to do a few things differently.

·        Step 1: Use a fake number belonging to a country that can use OpenAi services.

·        Step 2: After logging in to your account, use a VPN or DNS changer application whenever you want to interact with ChatGPT.

As you see in the two top steps, you only need to provide a fake number belonging to another country to create the account and use VPNs or DNS.

We encourage you to use the second method if that still needs clarification.

ChatGPT telegram bot (All Tips Every User Should Know)

·       Method 2: Using the ChatGPT Telegram Bot

Regardless of the region you are living in, you can always use telegram to interact with ChatGPT without any trouble.

To find out how to use the ChatGPT on the Telegram bot, follow the coming steps:

·         Step 1: Visit the official BuddyGPT website on your mobile device.

·         Step 2: “Try for free on Telegram” may be found and selected.

·         Step 3: You will be on a chat screen now; tap “start” below the page.

Now you’re good to go, don’t panic, and say hello to let the friendship begins!

Note that even though it is free to use the BuddyGPT, there are also some limitations when using the ChatGPT telegram bot.

In this method, you can use the ChatGPT for 15 complimentary messages and five images per month, which needs to be improved.

Since you are using this method because you live in a country that OpenAI is not serving, it’s worth trying!

Final word

ChatGPT is an excellent tool that uses innovative technology to help people talk to computers in a way that feels natural.

The ChatGPT telegram bot, as referred to earlier, is the easiest way to start the enjoyable experience of interacting with a human-like AI.

Comparing of pros and cons of using ChatGPT, it’s still on you whether or not you’d like to rely on this new feature.

As technology continues to improve, ChatGPT is just one of many examples of how we’re finding new ways to use computers to make our lives different.


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