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How to Use WhatsApp When Traveling Abroad Using a Local Sim?

With WhatsApp, you can ship all media to your contacts at no cost, like text messages, voice messages, images, videos, documents, and plenty extra, as long as you have an internet connection.

However, have you ever considered being out of the country and asking yourself how to use WhatsApp when traveling overseas using a local sim?

It can be irritating; however, fortuitously, there are a few handy suggestions and hints that will let you use WhatsApp while you travel overseas with a local SIM card.

Check this article! We have some remarkable advice to help you keep your WhatsApp account with your home number even when using a special SIM card overseas.

How to Use WhatsApp When Traveling Abroad Using a Local Sim?

Why should I use a local SIM card while traveling overseas?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to use a local SIM card even when traveling abroad; for example, you might need to:

·         Save money on roaming charges or international calls and texts.

·         Have better coverage and faster internet speed in your destination country.

·         Have a local number for booking hotels, tours, taxis, etc.

·         Stay connected with local friends or contacts.

In some cases, using a local SIM card may cause WhatsApp problems since you’ll have a different phone number than your home number; some of them are:

·         Losing access to your WhatsApp account if you need to re-verify it with your home number.

·         Missing messages or calls from your contacts who need to know your new number.

·         Having to update your WhatsApp profile with your new number and notify your contacts.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these problems and use WhatsApp with a local SIM card while traveling internationally.

How to use WhatsApp with a local SIM card while traveling internationally?

To use WhatsApp with a local SIM card while traveling internationally, you need to:

·        Use mobile data or Wi-Fi to access WhatsApp

You can use WhatsApp worldwide for free with mobile data or Wi-Fi, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can also turn Roaming off for your smartphone and use Wi-Fi to avoid global data fees.

However, be aware that the use of mobile data can incur prices depending on your local SIM plan and service.

Before using, you can test your local SIM company’s data rates and programs.

·        Use a local SIM card while you are traveling.

Use a local SIM card at the airport, online, or local store in your destination country.

Just ask if the SIM card is compatible with your phone and has enough credit or balance for your needs.

You can also check the coverage and network quality of the SIM card before buying it.

How to Use WhatsApp When Traveling Abroad Using a Local Sim?

·        Keep your WhatsApp account with your home number.

Once you have inserted the local SIM card into your cellphone, WhatsApp will automatically detect the new number.

The app will ask you if you want to update your phone number in it or not.

You can choose “No” to decline this option.

And keep using WhatsApp with your home number.

You can still receive messages and calls from your contacts by keeping your home number as your WhatsApp number.

You can also send messages and calls to them without any problem.

Final words

Ultimately, using WhatsApp when touring overseas with a local SIM is a brilliant way to stay connected with pals and their own families again at home.

By following the simple steps outlined in this weblog post, you may transfer to a local SIM card and maintain the use of WhatsApp with no interruption.

So next time you travel overseas, observe those suggestions and contact your family using WhatsApp.

We hope our instructions about using WhatsApp when traveling abroad using a local sim have helped you; please share your experiences with me in the comments.

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