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How to send 1000 messages on WhatsApp at once?

If you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur, you likely use WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business to engage with your customers.

WhatsApp is widely preferred for its user-friendly interface and instant connectivity, making it ideal for personal and business communication.

While the regular versions of WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business allow broadcasting messages to up to 256 contacts and group chats with up to 512 participants.

This article delves into sending 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp.

We will explore whether WhatsApp has a built-in feature for this or if it needs to be done manually.

How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp without getting banned?

Bulk messaging on WhatsApp involves sending a significant volume of messages to a group of individuals using the WhatsApp messaging platform.

Adhering to WhatsApp’s terms and conditions while engaging in bulk messaging is essential to prevent being labeled as spam.

How to send 1000 messages on WhatsApp at once?

There are several tips you should follow:

·        Utilize the official WhatsApp business app or WhatsApp API

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API are designed specifically for businesses to communicate with customers and comply with WhatsApp’s terms of service.

·        Obtain user consent

Make sure you have obtained consent from users before sending them bulk messages.

·        Respect user privacy

Do not disclose or use users’ personal information beyond the intended communication.

·        Adhere to WhatsApp’s bulk messaging guidelines.

Familiarize yourself with WhatsApp’s guidelines for sending bulk messages, including a limited number of daily messages and content restrictions.

·        Implement Opt-In methods

Use opt-in methods, such as newsletter subscriptions or form submissions, to confirm that users genuinely want to receive messages from your business.

·        Monitor response rates

Keep an eye on the response rates of your messages. If you notice a low engagement or lack of interest, it’s advisable to stop sending bulk messages to those particular users.

Sending 1000 messages at once; steps & tips.

Sending over 1,000 WhatsApp messages can be automated by utilizing premium versions of WhatsApp Business. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

The WhatsApp Business application allows users to send numerous messages, ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 or unlimited.

However, this capability is subject to certain conditions:

·        Become a developer and get the WhatsApp Cloud API

To start, sign up as a developer and get access to the WhatsApp Cloud API.

·        Verify your WhatsApp business account

Make sure your WhatsApp Business account is verified to meet the requirements.

·        Confirm your phone number.

Verify that your phone number is valid and connected to your WhatsApp Business account.

·        Get your business name approved

WhatsApp needs to approve your business display name to establish trust.

Once you meet these conditions, you can use the WhatsApp Business API to send messages to a specific number of customers within 24 hours:

·         Up to 1,000 WhatsApp customers

·         Up to 10,000 customers

·         Up to 100,000 customers

·         Unlimited customers

It’s important to note that the WhatsApp Business API allows you to message customers even if they need to save your number.

To begin sending and receiving messages using the WhatsApp Business Cloud API, follow these simplified steps:

1.    Set up developer assets and platform access

Register as a developer, verify your account, create a Meta app, and set up the necessary configurations.

2.    Send a test message.

Add your number and use a specific code to send a test message.

3.    Configure a Webhook

Set up a system to receive notifications when you get a message.

4.    Receive a test message

Make sure you can successfully receive messages through the API.

The number of customers you can message may increase based on your phone number status, quality rating, and conversation frequency.

How to send 1000 messages on WhatsApp at once?


In summary, to send 1000 messages at once on WhatsApp, you need to utilize the WhatsApp Business API.

By registering as a developer, meeting verification requirements, and obtaining approval for your business display name, you can access the API.

Following steps like setting up developer assets, sending test messages, configuring webhooks, and ensuring message reception are crucial.

Adhering to WhatsApp’s guidelines and terms of service is essential to avoid issues.

Also, seeking assistance from business service providers can simplify the process.

Are there other the best ways to send 1000 messages on WhatsApp simultaneously? Tell us in the comments below.

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