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The Most Telegram Downloads During 2023!

In recent years, Telegram has attracted millions of users from all over the globe thanks to high security, advanced customizing features, and friendly use.

This Russian platform is now known as one of the most popular social media worldwide, with millions of users from different regions.

It has 55.2 million daily active users and 700 million active users each month!

In ascending order, this essay will list the top 20 countries with the most telegram downloads during 2023.

Top 20 Countries with the Most Telegram Downloads During 2023

1.    Argentina

The 20th item on this list is Argentina; it is one of the largest markets for Telegram in Latin America, with the app’s popularity increasing rapidly over the last few years.

2.    Spain

Spain is one of the European countries where Telegram has gained a significant following, with many Spanish users turning to the app for messaging and joining groups related to their interests.

3.    Germany

German people enjoy using Telegram almost daily, and many join the channels and groups to text or call each other and do their business.

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4.    Saudi Arabia

People in this country would like to use Telegram to share daily events and text each other!

5.    Colombia

Colombia is one of the biggest fans on Telegram, and the download rate in this country would say the same thing.

6.    Malaysia

Malaysians use Telegram for sharing music, news, voice, and videos.

7.    Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a vast country, and its people need a tool for connection, so what is better than Telegram?

8.    France

The third European country on this list is France! That would confirm that Telegram downloaders and users are not limited to any borders!

9.    Nigeria

Using Telegram is common in Nigeria; you can see lots of people download and start using it every day, and that’s what puts it the priority of these people.


We’re halfway in the top 20 countries with the most telegram downloads during the 2023 list, and here you can see the name of the Philippines!


Turkish people know the benefits of this Easy to use and safe platform and try to use them as much as possible.


You would see Asian countries very seldom in this list, but Vietnamese people worship Telegram! They show a strange interest in using it under any circumstances.


Although Ukrainians are not the biggest fan of Russians, it is completely different when using Telegram!


In Mexico, many people download Telegram frequently, whereas they can use other social media!


Egyptian would like to start their day by checking on their Telegram accounts while enjoying hot coffee. Number one African country in Telegram downloads.


In Brazil, no one turns down a Telegram invitation link; it is known as the country with the most Telegram downloads in Latin America!


Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, and a significant portion of its population is under 30.

The Most Telegram Downloads During 2023! (1)

18.United States

People in the US would love to follow the news of Sports, Economy, and Politics in Telegram! That will put the US in third place among the top 20 countries with the most telegram downloads during 2023.


The home country of Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov is another nation where Telegram is extremely popular. Preventing people from using foreign social media by making a better one seems great.


India is expected to have the most Telegram downloads in 2023 due to its large population and growing internet penetration. Especially when it comes to young people, Telegram is well-known.

Final Words

Relying on predictions, telegram popularity is only expected to increase in the coming years, and that is not what can surprise anyone!

The top 20 countries with the most Telegram downloads in 2023 reflect diverse cultures and interests.

Whether living in the middle east, Europe, or Latin America, you would see telegram users and people communicating through it.

It has proven to be a fantastic and powerful communication and community-building tool.

From which country do you originate as a Telegram user?


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