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A WhatsApp practical feature: How to create Starred a message?

As a popular communication app, WhatsApp allows users to make free calls and send messages as text, photos or videos, documents and more.

Because of its friendly use, people mostly use WhatsApp to interact with others and exchange many messages, from nonsense to important ones.

Sometimes they need to locate their critical messages, which are available on WhatsApp, but as you know, that can be challenging.

To address this issue, WhatsApp allows users to flag important messages with a star and search for messages with the star filter. This makes it much easier to find relevant messages among the thousands of messages sent.

If you face the same issue, read this article to learn how to Star a message on WhatsApp and save time.

A WhatsApp practical feature How to create Starred a message

How to Starred a message on WhatsApp?

By starred message on WhatsApp, you can save time and eliminate the searching process, which takes energy and time.

Let’s see how we can get a star a message on WhatsApp through a few steps:

+ four simple steps to starred a message on WhatsApp

1.      Launch WhatsApp on your device.

2.      Move to a chat tab where you want to mark messages.

3.      Find the message and tap on it.

4.      On the top of the screen, WhatsApp will present some options; tap on the Star icon on the top Menu.

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As soon as you Starred a message on WhatsApp, you need to know how to find the news when


You can tag meaningful conversations using starred messages and store them in a separate folder.

This makes them easier to find when needed and keeps them from being lost among all the other messages.

Additionally, you can delete the rest of the chat without losing the starred messages to keep your conversation organized and clutter-free.

Now it is time to learn how to find starred messages


+ four simple steps to find star a message on WhatsApp

1.      Launch WhatsApp on your device.

2.      Go to the Menu in the upper right corner.

3.      Tap on starred messages.

4.      Click on the message to see it in chat.

Messages that are no longer pertinent can be unmarked. This helps to declutter your chat, ensuring that the statements you decide to keep are the most relevant to you.

It allows you to prioritize important messages to you, making it easier to find them in the future.

Furthermore, this can help you stay organized and ensure you get all the essential messages.

To continue, let to realize the steps of how to unstar the message:

A WhatsApp practical feature How to create Starred a message

How to unstarred the message? (+ 2 easy steps)

1.      Hold down the starred message

2.      Unstar the news by clicking it

Consider that removing a starred message does not remove it from your inbox.

Unstarring a message will remove it from your starred messages list, but the message will still exist in your inbox so that you can access it anytime.

This way, you can easily keep track of essential messages without deleting them.

WhatsApp star messages: can others see them?

The only person who can see starred messages on WhatsApp is the person who starred them.

In WhatsApp, starred messages are private, meaning only you can view them. A starred message is only visible to you in a group or a personal chat.

This is because WhatsApp encrypts all messages, including starred messages, which means only you have the key to decrypt the messages.

So, even if someone else could access your phone, they still wouldn’t be able to view your starred messages.

Therefore, your starred messages on WhatsApp remain secure and private, giving you peace of mind that your data is secure.


A popular app like WhatsApp tries to simplify communication for its users by introducing some features. One of these features allows you to Starred a message.

By starring a message on WhatsApp, users can easily access crucial messages and conversations without needing to scroll through endless chat history.

Starring a message on WhatsApp is a simple and effective way of organizing your chat history.

In the case of finding an important message on WhatsApp, reading this article will help you.

To ensure that you get all the vital information, take the time to read through this article.

Please ask us in the comment section if you have questions about starred messages on WhatsApp.


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