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How to Disable Filtering in Telegram 2023?

As a popular app, Telegram attempts to provide a healthy atmosphere for users to keep its popularity among other apps.

To fulfill its goal, it filters some inappropriate or sensitive content on the platform and delivers a more satisfying experience to users.

The platform offers various filtering options to help users manage their chats and channels more efficiently.

However, some users may feel unhappy now with filtering channels and chats and want to disable these filters for a more detailed chat list.

In this article, we will guide you through disabling filtering in Telegram 2023.

Telegram Channel Filters: What Do They Mean?

Using Telegram, you may face the issue that this content cannot be displayed because of filtering.

Different users form channels on Telegram from different backgrounds and share various kinds of content on channels that may only be beloved by some on the channel.

Telegram monitors the content shared on channels and flags sensitive content incompatible with the platform’s privacy policies.

Which content violates the privacy policies of Telegram?

How to Disable Filtering in Telegram 2023?

1.    The sharing of adult content.

This includes sharing images, videos, or other content that contains nudity or sexual activity. Telegram also prohibits the sharing of any content related to child sexual exploitation.

2.    The act of threatening or harassing members.

This includes making threats, intimidation, or anything else that could make someone feel unsafe. Spreading false information or malicious content. This includes content intended to deceive or manipulate people, such as fake news, scams, and other malicious content.

3.    Abusing users’ personal information.

Posting confidential information without permission. Creating offensive or derogatory content towards a person or group of people.

4.    Copyright laws are being broken.

These are all examples of unethical behavior on the internet, which can have serious consequences. Not only can it ruin a person’s reputation, but it can also put the company in legal hot water if they violate copyright laws.

Disabling filtering in Telegram: using different methods

We’ll introduce you to different ways to bypass Telegram filtering; stay with us in this section to learn.

Before you begin, ensure you have the latest version of the Telegram app installed on your device. This guarantees you access to the most recent features and settings.

·        Applying The Nicegram Bot

To disable filtering on Telegram, you can use the Nicegram bot on your phone. Here’s how:

·         Step 1: Open Telegram.

·         Locate your Telegram on your mobile device and tap on it to open it.

·         Step 2: Search for Nicegram Bot.

·         When you launch your Telegram, in the search box, type the Nicegram bot, and tap on the bot.

·         Step 3: Activate the bot.

Tap on “Start” to trigger the bot once it is opened.

Activate the bot by tapping “I am 18 years old” and “Enable sensitive content.”.

This bot allows you to bypass Telegram filtering.

How to Disable Filtering in Telegram 2023?

·        Using the desktop version of Telegram

Another way to disable the Telegram filtering, you can launch Telegram on the desktop:

·         Step 1: Open Telegram on the desktop.

·         Find the Telegram app on your desktop and double-click on it.

·         Step 2: Navigate to the Settings section.

·         To open the menu, click the three-lineicon and go to the “Settings” section.

·         Step 3: Switch to Privacy and Security.

·         Click “Privacy and Security” to find the “sensitive content” icon.

·         Step 4: Deactivate filtering.

Toggle the button for Disable filtering followed by Sensitive content to disable filtering for your Telegram.

Note that when you disable filtering for the desktop version of Telegram, the same settings will be active for your mobile app.


Disabling filtering in Telegram 2023 is a simple process that allows users to have a more detailed chat list.

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily disable filters and customize your Telegram experience to suit your preferences.

Remember that you can always re-enable filters if you change your mind or want to organize your chats more efficiently.

We hope reading this article helps you to enjoy using Telegram by having control over disabling filtering.

Have you disabled Telegram filtering? How does it feel? Are you comfortable using Telegram without filtering? Tell us in the comment section your ideas.


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