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How to Post Status on WhatsApp Web on Laptop?

WhatsApp is great for staying in touch with your pals and family.

You may ship messages, proportion images, motion pictures, and files and make voice and video calls.

You could also post status updates to let your contacts recognize what you are as much as how you feel.

But what if you want to post a WhatsApp status from your PC or laptop?

Unfortunately, you cannot do this by using web WhatsApp. You can only view your contacts’ status updates and see who has viewed yours.

You can’t post your status web versions. But don’t get despaired; there are technic you can try to do it!

After reading this post, you have probably learned how to post statuses on WhatsApp web on the laptop.

How to post a WhatsApp status from WhatsApp web?

WhatsApp web doesn’t have a native option to post a status update. It would be best to use a third-party extension for your browser to enable this feature on WhatsApp web.

Before you use this extension, you should realize that WhatsApp does not permit the usage of third-party extensions and software programs to enhance the functionality of WhatsApp web and WhatsApp laptop and cellular apps.

If WhatsApp detects that you use this device, it may block your account. Additionally, third-party apps and services can severely change your security.

They could compromise your privacy, steal your records, and infect your pc.

How to Post Status on WhatsApp Web on Laptop

Here are the steps to post a status on WhatsApp Web using the WhatsUp + for WhatsApp Web extension:

1.      If WhatsApp web is running, close it.

2.      Then go to the web store or extension page of your browser.

3.      Please search for the WhatsUp+ for WhatsApp Web extension and add it to your browser.

4.      The browser will automatically run WhatsApp Web when you add that extension.

There, you’ll see a slightly modified interface with some extra options.

5.      Click on the WhatsUp+ icon.

6.      Select Post Status from the dropdown menu.

7.      Now you can import media (videos, images) or write something to post as your status.

8.      After you upload an image or video and add a description (text) you want to use as a status, click Send button.

9.      The WhatsApp web may restart automatically once.

The next time it opens, your status will be already uploaded.

10.  While this extension lets you upload a status through WhatsApp web, you can’t delete it.

So, if you accidentally submit an incorrect photo or textual content as a status, you can delete it via the WhatsApp mobile app.

You may be stuck if you need to have your mobile telephone nearby. WhatsApp web updates frequently.

Some features of third-party extensions may stop working after a major update.

This feature is no longer available if you don’t find the WhatsApp Web extension’s Post Status option in the WhatsUp +.

In that case, you can either look for another extension with this feature or wait for the developers to update the extension.

How to Post Status on WhatsApp Web on Laptop

Final thoughts

In the end, posting a status on WhatsApp web on your laptop is an easy and convenient way to hold your friends and circle of relatives updated.

With only some clicks, you know how to post statuses on WhatsApp web on a laptop, and you can share your mind, photos, and films with the individuals who count the number maximum to you.

With the aid of following the stairs outlined in this weblog, you will be able to fast and without problems put up your status on WhatsApp web out of your laptop.

So why wait? Begin sharing your existence with the status these days, and share your experiences with us in the comments!

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