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Does Deleting Telegram Account Delete Messages on Both Sides?

With the emergence of messaging applications, Telegram has recently become one of the most popular apps.

However, the question remains: Does deleting a Telegram account delete messages on both sides?

By delving into the mechanics of the app’s messaging infrastructure, we can determine whether or not messages are deleted on both sides.

Keep reading to find your answer!

How does Telegram save messages?

Telegram stores messages on its servers in an encrypted format. This means that messages are not stored in plain text and can only be read by the intended recipient, who has the necessary encryption keys.

Telegram’s cloud-based system allows users to access messages seamlessly across multiple devices. However, this also means all messages are stored on Telegram’s servers.

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Telegram’s end-to-end encryption feature only applies to secret chats, not regular ones.

In regular chats, messages are encrypted in transit but stored in an unencrypted format on Telegram’s servers.

This has raised concerns about the security of users’ messages and the possibility of unauthorized access by third parties.

Does Deleting Telegram Account Delete Messages on Both Sides?

What happens when you delete your Telegram account?

When you delete your Telegram account, all your messages, contacts, and groups will be deleted from Telegram’s servers.

Nonetheless, the messages you send to others will not be automatically deleted from their accounts. Instead, they will still be able to access the messages that you sent them.

Telegram’s servers cannot access the encryption keys to decrypt the messages stored on other users’ devices.

Therefore, deleting your account on Telegram only removes your messages from Telegram’s servers and does not affect messages that have already been delivered to others.

It is important to note that deleting your Telegram account is permanent and cannot be undone.

In the following, we will explore what happened to your messages when you or someone else deleted Telegram.

Stay with us!

What happens to your messages when the other person deletes their account?

If the other person deletes their Telegram account, the messages that they have sent to you will still be visible on your device.

But you cannot send them new messages, and their account information will no longer be visible in your contact list.

In a secret chat, the messages on Telegram will be deleted from both sides when either participant deletes the chat.

However, in a regular chat, the messages remain visible on your device even if the other person deletes their account.

The messages are stored on your device, not Telegram’s servers.

Can delete messages still be recovered?

Once a message is deleted in Telegram, it is no longer visible in the chat history and cannot be recovered through the app’s user interface.

On the other hand, deleted messages can be recovered from backups or through third-party software.

Telegram automatically creates backups of your chat history, which can be used to restore deleted messages.

Additionally, there are third-party recovery tools that can scan your device for deleted messages and recover them.

However, using such tools comes with risks, such as exposing your data to potential security threats.

It is essential to weigh the potential benefits against the risks before attempting to recover deleted messages.

Does Deleting Telegram Account Delete Messages on Both Sides?


In conclusion, the answer to the “Does deleting a Telegram account delete messages on both sides question is necessarily not!

While your messages will be removed from Telegram’s servers, messages that you have already sent to others will still be visible on their devices.

Similarly, if someone else deletes their account, the messages they send to you will still be visible on your device.

It is important to remember that messages sent in secret chats on Telegram will be deleted from both sides when either participant deletes the chat.

To protect your privacy, you should use secret chats for sensitive information, periodically review your chat history, and delete any messages you no longer need.

Further and even more importantly, it is essential to be aware of the risks involved in recovering deleted messages and use caution when doing so.

What is your experience in deleting Telegram account delete messages on both sides?

Is it possible in your idea?


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