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How to Change WhatsApp Password [on Android and iPhone]?

WhatsApp is one of the applications we often use daily to communicate with our loved ones and even tend to our affairs; this app can be one of the most valuable tools on your network.

The WhatsApp application has many fantastic sides, and because it is very versatile, some uses matter the most.

Some individuals like to use this social platform to transfer sensitive data, and because the WhatsApp connection is end-to-end encrypted, you will be sure that your data is safe.

While you have a secure connection, you must protect the account and the network.

This means you have to use some protocols that will help you protect the information on your account.

To do so, you have to use a WhatsApp password.

In this article, we will talk about WhatsApp and how to change WhatsApp passwords for IOS and Android.

So, let’s get to the article and start the statement at last.

How to Change WhatsApp Password [on Android and iPhone]?

WhatsApp passwords are essential, here is why…

The application we will discuss is WhatsApp; this platform is one of the few that uses end-to-end encryption. However, an update on the WhatsApp platform will help you with the security aspect to get some additional security.

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In some of the updates that this brand has published, the application requires two passwords to use the application.

The first passwords are the ones that the app asks for the main application and account, meaning after you have set this WhatsApp password, you can log out of your account, and no one can log back into it without knowing the password.

And the next password is the one that will defend your application against unauthorized entry to your phone; this means that when you want to open up the application, you will have to enter a specific password that you have added. Then you have permission to use the app.

Now let’s get to the next section of the statement, and we will be talking about the tutorial for changing WhatsApp passwords and how it is done in both operating systems.

How to Change WhatsApp Password [on Android and iPhone]?

How to change the WhatsApp password?

Changing the password on your WhatsApp application is somewhat similar in both operating systems.

So, let’s start with the tutorial and learn how to change the WhatsApp account password.


·         Step 1

Op up the WhatsApp application and then refer to the app’s settings section in the toolbar below, and then tap on the account section when you are in the app’s settings.

·         Step 2

In this section, you have to look for two-factor verifications, and after you have set the password, you can change it from the same place, which means you can change the password easily and whenever you want.

Make sure to memorize the password that you have set.


·         Step 1

Before getting started, make sure that you have a stable connection, and then you have to open the application and get to the settings of the app, which is located at the top of the screen, where you can see three dots that you have to tap on.

·         Step 2

In this setting section, you have to look for the two-factor authentication, and then you can easily set a new password or set a new one, and in the end, your password is changed correctly.

These are the simple steps to this fantastic technique. Not let’s finish off.

In the sum…

Some social media applications have the best security in the network, so you have to know that some applications are worth using.

WhatsApp is one of these applications.

In this article, we talked about the security of this unique platform, discussed the matters of passwords in WhatsApp, and introduced two types of WhatsApp passwords.

And then, we talked about how to change the password on the WhatsApp account.

In the end, we are glad that you stayed with us until the end of the “How to Change WhatsApp Password [on Android and iPhone]?” article and if you have anything to add to this statement, make sure to keep in touch with us so we can help you with all of the obstacles that you may have regarding this statement.


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