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How to Stop Others from Adding You to WhatsApp Group? (All Tips & Steps)

WhatsApp allows users to expand their networks and communicate with others through the internet.

Users can create groups on WhatsApp, such as schools and gathering groups, according to their needs and occasions.

Although joining multiple groups is the best way to find like-minded individuals, sometimes joining different groups which are different from your wish one can be annoying.

If you deal with the same situation and are fed up with getting notifications from these groups, you can stop others from adding you to the WhatsApp group.

But how?

If you want to learn to stop others from adding you to the WhatsApp group, you can join us in the article.

Stop others from adding you to WhatsApp group (+ 4 Easy steps)

Stopping others from adding you to WhatsApp groups is easy. You must take steps in the following text to eliminate joining unwanted groups.

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· Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your device.

· Step 2: Tap the three dots on the top right side of the screen.

· Step 3: Tap on Settings and click the account option.

· Step 4: Tap on Privacy, scroll down, and come to the Groups option.

+ 3 Common options you should know on WhatsApp

1. In this section, you will see that the default setting is set to ‘Everyone’. You can change it to ‘My Contacts’ or ‘My Contacts Except’.

2. The “Everyone” option allows anyone to add you to the group without permission, even if you do not have that person in your contact list.

3. The “My Contact” option lets contact in your phone book add you to the groups. The last option, “My Contact Except”, allows you to filter someone from your contact list that you do not want to add to any group.

After choosing each of these options, click on the tick icon.

Thanks to these three options, you can control who can add you to WhatsApp groups.

It does not matter that you are using Android or iPhone; you can stop others from adding you to WhatsApp groups through this guide.

If admins of groups cannot add you to the group because of your WhatsApp settings, they can send you an invitation through a private message.

How to Stop Others from Adding You to WhatsApp Group (All Tips & Steps)

Why do you need to stop others from adding you to WhatsApp groups? (+ 6 Reasons)

ü  First and foremost, you need the option to restrict random people from adding you to unwanted groups to keep your phone number safe. All group members can see others’ phone numbers, making you feel insecure.

ü  Considering this, you keep your information safe when you restrict others from adding you to WhatsApp unwanted groups with unknown members.

ü  In addition, you may have yet to be interested in the content of unwanted groups; it is better before joining a group you check its content and then become a member.

ü  Above all, since the file and documents of each group automatically save on your phone, it is more likely that your phone will get out of space, and you need to delete these files to make space on your phone.

ü  Besides this, when your phone gets full, the speed of WhatsApp will decrease, and you will miss important messages.

ü  Finally, receiving notifications from multiple groups is annoying, although you can mute the notification for each group. When you mute the notification, you may not see the critical messages and lose seminar time, for example.

How to Stop Others from Adding You to WhatsApp Group (All Tips & Steps)

Let’s recap

WhatsApp is a popular app for communication that allows users to interact with others, whether privately or in a group.

Although joining different groups can be attractive at first, joining lots of unwanted groups can be annoying because of receiving many messages and notifications.

This article explains how you can stop others from adding you to WhatsApp.

We hope you find this article helpful and can prevent random people from adding you to inappropriate groups.

If you have any questions in this field, you can answer them in the comment section. We are here to hear from you about your experience joining unwanted groups.


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